NNN Properties for Sale in California

NNN Properties for Sale in California

Vars Real Estate is your source for NNN properties for sale in California. We have been working in the California commercial real estate market for decades and have the expertise to maximize your investment objectives. The best NNN properties for sale are not listed on Loopnet or posted to our website. By the time an investment property hits the market, the listing agent has already shopped it to their client database and their broker network.  We can access those choice listings for you and our service is free to buyers. The NNN Property seller will pay the listing agent a commission which is shared with the buyer’s agent. We represent both buyers and sellers of NNN properties for sale in Califonia.

In 2019, Jake Olson of Vars Real Estate negotiated 25 transactions amounting to $9,256,712 which mostly consisted of NNN Property Investment Sales. Mr. Olson, under the supervision of Jon Varsano, had solid sales of Triple Net Properties in 2020 and 2021 even though the pandemic negatively affected the economy. Contact Jon Varsano at Vars Real Estate for More Info About NNN Properties.


A Triple Net, or NNN, is generally considered the most comparatively risk-free real estate estate. NNN leases can be signed on any commercial property. However, a NNN Investment Property is generally considered to be a safe investment vehicle with the backing of national or regional corporate backing.

nnn-propertiesNNN Leases are very advantages to the Landlord because the Tenant pays for most or all of the property expenses.  The tenant is responsible for the agreed upon base rental amount plus as well as the property insurance, property tax, and the common area maintenance (CAM) of the building. Addition lease provision may require the tenant to pay for the the roof, structural walls, foundation, plumbing, paint, parking lot and more. NNN Tenants often sign long-term leases for 5-30 years with a corporate-backed guarantee.

NNN properties are located on the corner of two major streets with high traffic in every city in the United States. Examples of NNN income properties for sale include restaurants (McDonald’s and Wendy’s), auto parts (AutoZone and PEP Boys), discount stores (Dollar General and Dollar Tree), big box (Wal-Mart and Target) and pharmacies (Walgreens and CVS), banks (Chase Bank and Bank of America) and others. The most popular NNN properties for sale in California today are fast-food franchises.

BUYERS – NNN Properties for Sale in California

Most NNN properties are owned by individual investors. However, real estate investment trusts (REIT), pension funds and other buyers purchase Triple Net properties. The market price range for NNN Properties for Sale in California is $1,000,000 and $50,000,000.

NNN buyers want passive income, preservation of equity and property appreciation.  Passive income is created by the tenant paying you an increasing amount of rent over a long period of time and maintaining your property for you. Security is achieved when your tenant has strong credit and a great location.

Many NNN investors previously owned  single family rentals, apartment buildings, retail strip centers, or larger shopping centers. The ongoing maintenance and management of these property types is overwhelming for many owners.  Therefore, a single tenant NNN property is an attractive investment with less work.

SELLERS – NNN Properties for Sale in California

NNN properties are sold for a variety of reasons and Vars Real Estate represents sellers of California NNN Properties for sale. Many NNN sellers use a 1031 exchange in order to trade up to a higher investment. Building up your real estate portfolio through cashing flowing NNN investments is a desired goal of many investors.

NNN property disposition is also part of estate planning. Family members inherit one large property and have different financial goals. Some want to sell and some don’t. The NNN investment offers solutions for families with diverging financial goals.

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