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Are you a business owner or individual looking for representation by a commercial property agents? We can manage all commercial real estate transactions that are involved in buying or leasing commercial space in Culver City and Greater Los Angeles communities. With over two decades of experience in the West Los Angeles region, Vars Real Estate has helped business owners and property investors seamlessly transition into commercial spaces that fit the need.

If you are a business owner looking to lease a commercial property, Vars Real Estate is your best option. We are equipped to handle all commercial real estate transactions involving buying, leasing, or negotiating a commercial lease on your behalf. By working with us you avoid long drawn out steps or requirements often associated with a lease negotiation.

Vars Real Estate helps clients avoid the complications of using a Letter of Intent (LOI) because we work to find an amicable agreement between landlords and tenants. Our intent is to have both parties happy with lease terms before they are drafted and signed. Our ability to negotiate on your behalf means we can keep you in a building longer if you are a tenant. If you’re a landlord, we strive to keep your building occupied so there are no interruptions to your monthly revenue.

No matter what type of commercial property you are looking to purchase, or lease as an individual or business owner, Vars Real Estate has the knowledge to be commercial property agents that you can trust.

You are welcome to call our office and speak to our lead broker or one of our agents by calling (424) 258-5680 or by submitting the contact form below.

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