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Mid City Los Angeles Commercial Real Estate on the Upswing

The Mid-City area of Los Angeles is quickly becoming a target for investors looking for the next undervalued trendy neighborhood. It was featured in a Curbed Los Angeles poll of 7 neighborhoods that could be the next Highland Park. Under the heading Gentrification Watch, it tries to predict which will be the next big neighborhood. Mid-City LA lies just east of the Culver City Arts District and just south of the Faircrest Heights neighborhood that has shown rapid appreciation recently. Mid-City has multiple historic pockets with architecture that feels like Hancock Park. The newly opened Metro Light Rail runs parallel with Jefferson Blvd. on the southern end of Mid City with the 90016 zip code.

The commercial real estate in Mid-City is comprised mostly of retail and light industrial buildings which is the speciality of Vars Realty & Management. Vars Management manages a commercial property in the heart of Mid-City on Washington Blvd. The listing for the currently leased commercial building can be seen here. Washington Boulevard through Mid City has seen streetscape improvements over the past view years and several upscale retail locations have opened amongst the gritty industrial spaces. Mid-City commercial properties will continue to increase in value and improve in appearance as the stock of residential properties appreciates.

Currently the Median age is 31 and Median household income is $43,711. The median income figure will surely increase over the coming years. Residents 25 and older who have a four-year degree is 16.8%. Number of brunch places is 16. If the current trends continue the commercial real estate in Mid-City will start to resemble the Culver City Arts District with a more affordable and urban flair. Vars Realty is actively leasing and selling commercial real estate in  Mid-City and surrounding areas.
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Mid City LA Commercial Real Estate Map

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