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Culver City Celebrates its 100th Birthday with a Block Parade!

In celebration of its Centennial, Culver City began celebrating its birthday with year-long festivities starting with the Centennial Celebration Parade. Planning for this big event started back in 2014 and organizers put together events and festivities focusing on the community. Comprised of three events, the celebration kicked off with the Parade in Veterans Park. Culver City’s High School marching band lead the way for MGM floats, antique cars, and even a dog parade in honor of the city founder, Harry Culver and his affinity for dogs. Thousands of  people gathered along Culver Blvd to get a glimpse of the festivities.




The Culver City bus showed its spirit for the celebration and made an appearance at the Parade adorned with the Centennial Celebration along with vintage photos of the city painted on the  bus. The infamous Helms Bakery of Culver City and the local police joined in on the festivities as well both providing their own vintage cars for everyone to enjoy.  Helms Bakery has been a staple in the history of Culver City and many people that grew up in the area in the 1950s and 1960s remember the yellow delivery coach that supplied fresh baked goods. After being closed for 44 years, with a little love and revitalization, they have again opened their doors for business in 2013.


The residents of Culver City were proud to be a part of and participate in such a historic celebration. Everyone was in a festive mood including the kids that attend the Farragut Elementary. They had their faces painted like foxes in honor of their mascot and showed their spirit marching along with the parade. Local of Culver City for over 15 years, Jonathan Varsano, a commercial broker of Vars Real Estate was also in attendance. His office right on 10220 Culver Blvd provided the perfect view to watch the parade with his family.




After the parade, there was a formal ceremony by the Culver Hotel and closing off the festivities with a block party that spanned from the Culver Hotel to the Culver Studios. Happy 100th Birthday Culver City!

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