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Metro Expo Line Opens to Santa Monica from Culver City

The Metro Expo line opened on Friday to Santa Monica from Culver City with much celebration. Instead of the train simply going from Downtown LA and terminating in Culver City, it will go all the way to the beach ending just a few blocks from the Santa Monica Pier. The completion of the much anticipated DTLA to the ocean line will have a big impact on Culver City commercial real estate.culver city metro station

Train riders will now be exiting the Washington and National Station coming from the West as well as the East, effectively doubling the foot traffic in the area. Furthermore, passengers will now be boarding the light rail trains going both west and east. Perhaps, they will want to stop for lunch in Downtown Culver City or the Helms Bakery area first.

Whether you are arriving or departing from the Culver City Station, you will quickly notice the new developments on the corner of Washington and National. Platform was recently completely and is open for business. Access Culver City is nearly completed, while Ivy Station and the project on the Surfas property will be coming soon. More new businesses are opening in the Culver City Arts District as you continue east on Washington Blvd including Midland at 8634 Washington Blvd.

Visitors or locals can also wander west down Washington or Venice Blvd to find Renew Juicery and Smart Simple Gourmet on Robertson Blvd. Walk another couple blocks and you will find yourself in the heart of Downtown Culver City. The Town Plaza project at Parcel B dubbed the grand staircase should be coming soon to complete the last piece of the DTCC redevelopment. All of these commercial real estate developments, most of which are mixed use, should only be helped by the enhancement to the local transportation system. The Culver City Station is a hub to the local businesses, workers, visitors, and residents. Pedestrians, Cyclists, or Motorists from a large portion of the Los Angeles area will now have easy access to all that Culver City has to offer.

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